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Mangaluru: An anonymous audio clip, demanding that Congress veteran B Janardhan Poojary be killed in an encounter or externed from the country for allegedly “speaking against the Constitution” over Ram Mandir issue, is doing rounds on social media.

The person in the clip is heard saying that he will reveal his identity in a protest video that he will release if the party (Congress) doesn’t sack Poojary immediately.

“I have been emphasizing for the past 10 years that Poojary is born to RSS, and dances to its tune. However, Congress leaders slammed me for speaking against him. Now, the cat is out of the bag. Congress leaders and workers should have realised this when Poojary invited RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat — and not the then chief minister Siddaramaiah — for the release of his autobiography (‘Saalamelada Sangraama’). Congress should have identified Poojary’s true colours when he took constant potshots at Siddaramaiah. Congress should disclose why it has retained Poojary. Until he is sacked, no Muslim should support Congress,” the man says in the 2-minute and 42-second clip.

Further, the man charges Poojary with speaking against the Constitution by supporting the construction of Ram Mandir, when the matter is sub judice. “Hence, he should either be encountered or externed from the country,” he says.

In another development on Monday, president of Dakshina Kannada Muslim Union, K Ashraf, said Poojary’s support to the construction of the mandir at Ayodhya has deeply hurt the religious sentiments and beliefs of a particular community.

Ashraf, once a Congress leader and former mayor, who shifted allegiance to its coalition partner JD(S) before the assembly elections, said the minority community is the reason behind what Poojary and Congress are today.

Demanding that Muslim Congress leaders from the district and the state seek an explanation from Poojary over his controversial statement, Ashraf said that contrasting statements by Congress leaders have left citizens in a quandary. “Poojary’s statements have raised questions in the minds of voters on whether or not to support the grand-old party in future elections,” he added.

Poojary had on Sunday said that the construction of Ram Mandir would be a reality, “as all communities, including Muslims, have supported the cause”.

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