Quickly, stroll simple in safety cling space at Ahmedabad airport


Soon, passengers may find some breathing space, literally, at the security hold area of domestic terminal at the Ahmedabad airport. The proposal to separate security hold area for ground floor and first floor has been approved in principle.

With the increasing number of flights at the Ahmedabad airport, the number of passengers too has gone up. In last three years, passenger traffic has doubled, with over 90 new flights added to the list of flights arriving at and departing from Ahmedabad airport. As a result, the security hold areas tend to get overcrowded, resulting in rush there.

Realising the need to address the congestion at the airport, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) decided to set up a new 80,000 square meter terminal building. However, to address the issue till the building is ready, the authorities had sought permission to segregate the security hold area for the first floor and ground floor.

Currently, there are four boarding gates on ground floor used for remote bay operated aircraft. There are four boarding gates on the first floor, connected to aircraft directly through the aerobridge. AAI plans to set up an escalator with separate security check on first floor. Confirming the development, airport director Manoj Gangal said, “We have received an approval to set up a separate security check point and install a staircase so that passengers don’t have to go through security hold area on ground floor and can directly go to first floor.”

Sources associated with the development believe it may ease the overcrowding of security hold area on the ground floor. There will be an escalator taking passengers directly to the first floor after checking in on the ground floor. The new stairs and escalator would be set up close to the area where the national flag is installed currently.

Arpan Pandya, artist, photographer and film producer and also a frequent flyer at the airport, said, “I am not sure if it will reduce the chaotic situation, but there would be fewer hassles in going directly to the first floor. Hope there will not be long queues for security check on the first floor.”

Vastrapur resident Ritesha Patel said, “At times, it gets very difficult during peak hours. I hope that will be resolved. I am not sure how it will help ease the situation in the crowded security hold area. However segregation may make it easier and faster to go through security checks.”

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