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HYDERABAD: Home minister Nayini Narasimha Rao has been trying to get an appointment with chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao but the wait for it appears to be endless. The TRS president too know what Nayini wants to meet him and it is no surprise that he has been avoiding him, like many other senior leaders too in the party.

Nayini Narasimha Reddy has been trying for the Musheerabad assembly seat for either his son-in-law Srinivas Reddy or himself but KCR has ignored it. In fact, KCR’s son, the practically second-in-command in the party, municipal administration minister K T Rama Rao has tried to counsel the 77-year-old politician but Nayani is still sulking.

On September 6, KCR announced a list of candidates for 105 constituencies. Another 14 were left out and Musheerabad figures in it. When he was in the constituency, his supporters asked him how was it that KCR chose not to announce the name for the Musheerabad seat when he was so close to him. The senior politician was stung at the remarks and blurted out what was in his heart.

“This is what everyone is asking me. I am supposed to be close to the CM but I am yet to get an appointment to meet him. I have been seeking an appointment,” he said. Nayini also blurted out some more information. He said during the 2014 elections too he was denied a seat. “KCR pointed out that in the 2009 elections, I had got defeated so it may not be wise to field me once again from Musheerabad,” he said.

Nayini also explained that KCR had asked offered him the LB nagar ticket for he refused. “I told KCR I do not have the money power to fight against the incumbent Congress candidate D Sudheer Reddy” he said. Nayini went on to explain that KCR told him that the party would fund the poll expenditure. Nayini even mentioned a figure of Rs 10 crore.

“I backed out even then. When my constituency is Musheerabad, why did I have to fight from another constituency?” he said. Eventually, when he refused even that, KCR promised to make him an MLC and take him into the cabinet. The promise was kept and Nayini was made home minister.

But for now, Nayini wants to retain the Musheerabad assembly seat for his family. He had won from the constituency before. In the last elections, BJP’s K Laxman won from Musheerabad.

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